Meet Dr. Garrett Hardy


Born and raised in Arizona, Dr. Hardy married the girl of his dreams, Kari, had two daughters, Mackenzie and Paige, while attending Arizona State University. He graduated with honors earning a Bachelors of Science degree in Construction Management. After entering the workforce, he realized something was missing and made the decision to go back to school, where he found his calling, dentistry. During dental school two sons, Ethan and Cody, were added to his growing family.  Dr. Hardy received his Doctor of Dental Medicine from Midwestern University in the Chicagoland area.


Dr. Hardy realizes what an honor it is to have the privilege of caring for his patients. He recognizes it takes a great deal of trust for many people to place their oral health and smiles into his hands. That is why he strives to establish a connection with each patient, based on open and honest communication.


He wants every person to feel comfortable telling him about their goals, as well as any fears they might have. He will listen, without judgment, and work with them to find a personalized care approach they are comfortable with.


If you are looking for a great dentist who is passionate about providing the best possible care, and dedicated to making a positive, lasting difference in the lives of each of his patients whom he serves, then Dr. Hardy is the dentist for you.

“I have been going to Hilander Dental for many years and honestly, I have never been disappointed. On the contrary—I continue to be impressed with how professional and courteous the entire staff is in making our visits comfortable. Thank you!”
-Gregory H.
“I switched to Hilander Dental after my dentist retired. I personally am very picky on who is working on my teeth. I did some research before and I am so glad because this office is so friendly with a wonderful helpful staff, not to mention great dentists.”
-Tami H.
“Hilander Dental has been so accommodating and helpful with my family's crazy schedule. For a dentist office to feel like home... that's pretty hard to do. It's an added bonus that they are a quality businesses that is locally owned and operated!”
-Jennie K.
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